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Our vibrant world of digital art prints

Digital Art Print

Francine Sokol invites you into her world, expressed in the beauty of the textural surfaces, lush landscapes, vivid florals, magical greenhouses, exquisite interiors, and secret gardens she has created.  Her adept use of color, light, composition and strong drawing are evident in every brush stroke. Her esthetic world is orderly and opulent, arranged for a life perpetually beyond the picture frame, always drawing the viewer to step inside.


Francine now shares the world she created in giclee digital art prints, available for sale on this website. They are accurate duplications of many of her original paintings. Each is printed with fade/chip/scratch resistant ink.  They are done on premium presentation paper, textured water color paper, or textured exhibiton canvas.  Each comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.  

© 2014 Sokol Artworks, LLC

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